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About Unity Des Plaines

We are

a center

for spiritual


Unity Des Plaines is a spiritual community that celebrates and affirms the unique path that each individual must walk. We're a diverse family of seekers who have gathered together to learn and grow.


Vision | Empower an evolving consciousness that spiritually transforms the world through an awakening oneness.

Mission | Welcome diverse communities and embody spiritual principles through prayer, learning, social action and outreach. 

Life is meant to be lived as a joyous and growth filled experience, and God is the loving power and presence within us that helps us in our everyday lives. 

10 Techniques for Abundant Living

Unity is a technique in realizing the abundant life. It consists of thoughts to think, words to speak, positive and creative things to do. 


Click the link below to read about some simple yet practical things that you may find helpful in the journey you're on to living your best life.

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