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Because We Are All in this Together

Welcome to Unity Des Plaines Church in Des Plaines, Illinois.

We are a vibrant welcoming community with a dedicated congregation grounded in prayer that supports our spiritual growth. We have an active supportive Board, Chaplain program, prayer team, professional musicians, active youth program, audio/visual and platform team. 

Unity Des Plaines also offers a weekly meditation group, A Course in Miracles group, and hosts a Families Anonymous group. We hope to add more going forward.

As a church we believe in a partnership between the Congregation, the Board and the Minister - Because we are all in this together.

We are excited to welcome our new minister. Click below to go to our Minister Search Packet on the Unity Worldwide Ministries website for more information about us.

End of Service - "The Peace Song"

Fall Campfire

Youth Ministry

The Bookstore

Operated by the Edger Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment

What We Love About Our Church

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