We provide a nurturing, safe environment for our children to start their spiritual journey and develop friendships throughout.  During our time together, our youth is encouraged to experience God, learn about the world around them, and discover the sacred in everyday life.  We use discussions, stories, music, meditation, movement, art, and other activities to engage our youth and explore Truth principles.  The lessons are fun and age-appropriate, and provide lively, creative experiences directly related to the discussion of Unity concepts to help anchor their learning.


Youth ministry programs are available for children and teens, infant to 18 years, during the 10:30 am Service only. We ask you to drop your children off between 10:15 and 10:30 am so we can greet you and your children. 

"I appreciate the opportunity to work in such a loving spiritual community and we look forward to seeing you in our ministry and honoring the unique expression of God that you are."

~ Carolyn Dunoon, Youth & Family Director