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Spiritual Counseling

We Care About You

Unity Des Plaines offers Spiritual Counseling to give you compassionate care, support and encouragement. Spiritual Counseling is designed to inspire and awaken you to the possibilities of inner growth in the midst of life challenges.

Rev Carla
Reverend Carla McClellan | ACC Certified Coach, Unity Minister, Licensed Trainer with The Academy for Coaching Excellence

Rev. Coach Carla has helped hundreds of people over the last 20 years. An ordained Unity minister, certified Life/Enneagram Coach, and compelling speaker, Carla’s teachings center on spiritual principles and awaken people to knowing themselves and tapping into their deepest potential. 

She believes there is a set of guidelines and practices and principles  that unlock the happiness and success each person desires. Carla uses coaching and teaching models that center on helping clients realize their own answers.


Funny, energetic, and passionate about life, Carla is here to move you past your ‘stuckness’ through deep listening and asking you the right questions. She firmly believes everyone comes home to themselves by vulnerably knowing themselves first — and then taking courageous action from there.  Anything is possible when we open ourselves to the Spirit within us.


Carla loves supporting churches and ministers moving forward through the uncertainty of the material world.  She is a Coach/Consultant and Transitional Specialist with Unity World-Wide Ministries.


She has been in Unity for over 50 + years and was blessed with having both parents be Unity Ministers.

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Peggy Dhont
Peggy Dhont | Counselor

Peggy Dhont received her Licensed Unity Teacher Certificate in 2002 with a focus (track) on prayer and counseling. Since then she has taken numerous workshops and classes to stay up to date. Her spiritual counseling process is based on Unity principals.


If you have need for guidance, you can contact the Unity Des Plaines office at 847.297.0997 and ask to make an appointment with Peggy. Unity offers three free sessions through the church and the time is donated by Peggy.

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